"When we started thinking about the menu at Café Du Jardin it was a blank canvas in a unique setting. My approach was a combination of years in the kitchen, time spent travelling and working around France and the desire to offer something personal. I wanted to find the balance between classic French bistro-style dishes and modern Parisian/British cuisine whilst giving our customers what they want to eat at lunchtime. Ultimately though, my attitude has always been, "keep it simple, cook the food you love and know... And do it with pride".

Peter Wilson, chef Café Du Jardín.

Lunch menu

(Changes most days)


Freshly made Soup of the day (served with traditional baguette)   £5.95



Chicken Caesar, avocado + parmesan   £6.95



Courgette, dill + kale pesto w/ salad  £7.95



Baked Camembert, garlic, rosemary and honey £8.95

Served w/ Olives and Bread


Mixed Platter

A mixture of cured meats and cheeses  £11.95

Served w/ Olives and Bread


Herb Crepes

1. Roast beef, Beetroot + Horseradish   £7.95

2. Sweet Potato, Spinach + Feta  £7.95

Served with frites + salad garnish


Croque Monsieur

Toasted ham + cheese sandwich, béchamel sauce  £7.9


Steak Frites

8 0Z Rump Steak w/ Frites + Salad   £12.95


Plats du Jour – Specials  Board

(Dish of the day)


Smoothie of the day  £3.50


Ice cream in a tub or cone  £2.50 / £2.00


Wine of the month  £20.85

Saint saturnin   £5.50





Breakfast Menu

Egg on toast

A fresh take on breakfast, mixing classic with new, is the perfect way to start your day. All served on toasted Pumpkin and rye slices

Sausage, Bacon & Eggs  £6,50

Local Pork & Leek sausages, creamy scrambled eggs with streaky bacon


Mushroom, Mustard & Eggs £5,95

Chestnut mushrooms sautéed in mustard crème fraiche & Finished with poached eggs


Smoked Salmon, Spinach & Eggs £6,95

Smoked salmon, lemon crème fraiche, radish, wilted spinach topped with creamy scrambled eggs


French-style three egg omelette with choice of fillings

Smoked Salmon £5,50

Bacon £4,95

Mushrooms £4,50

Cheese (Comte) £4,50

Croissants & Pastries

Croissant with Butter & Jam £2,00


Pain au chocolate £1,85

Drinks Menu


A blend of 7 carefully selected quality Arabicas sourced from South America and Ethiopia. Floral aroma with Jasmine and rose petal notes

Black Americano         £2,50

White Americano       £2,50

Espresso                         £2,00

Macchiato                     £2,00

Cortado                          £2,50

Hot Chocolate             £3,00

Cappuccino      £2,50

Mocha                £3,00

Latte                  £2,50

Flat White       £2,50

Frappuccino   £3,00

Teas £2.00


Breakfast Tea



Earl Grey


Cream Tea                    £3,00

Green Tea


Lemon grass& Ginger



Soft drinks

Apple Juice                    £2,00

Mango Juice                  £2,00

Victorian Lemonade  £2,50

Orange Juice                £2,00

Ginger Beer                 £2,50

Cranberry                    £2,00

Sparkeling Water       £1,80


   Wild elderflower

   Wild Nettle

   Autumn Rosehip




Special Smoothie of the Day   £3,50

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